Sunday sketch #60

This sketch has been hanging around for ages. The photo is from November last year, so the sketch is at least that old, but probably a little older. It’s one of my favourites – possibly even my most favourite sketch of all time, ever (for now).

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #60

I held off on sharing the sketch because I wanted to make it into an actual quilt, or at least colour it in a way that would show you how I envision making it*…. but neither of those things is going to happen anytime soon. So here it is.

This would be such an easy quilt to make: all you need are strips. Each ‘pillar’ (for lack of a better description) comprises 2 columns. To make each column, join the long strips together with diagonal seams (like you do with binding), alternating the direction of the join to get the angles pointing the right way. The ‘notches’ in the columns just need to be the same fabric as the background. If I could decide on the right colours**, I’d make this in a heartbeat!

(* One of these days I will write a blog post on my difficulties using colour….)

(** If anyone has any good tutorials or advice on getting better at using colour, I’m all ears!)



  1. Erika

    Hi, first I’d like to tell you that I really love your sketches and I see myself making quilts with many of them LOL This one is really nice, I like the simplicity of it and yet it’s full of movement. I don’t have specific tutorials on how to work with colors, but my advice is “don’t be afraid of them”. Go ahead and use them, combine them, one day you’ll feel more comfortable. There are some quilts I made that turned up horrible in colors, but at least I got some knowledge about it. And nowadays I feel it’s getting easier and easier. You may also try to do colored sketches, it’s faster and cheaper than making a quilt 😉

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