Sunday sketch #28

Overlapping octagons make some lovely secondary shapes…


Three different shades highlight where the octagons overlap once, twice or three times.


This design could be made as-is using squares, rectangles and half-square triangles. Or you could turn it 90 degrees and make it on point using mostly squares and rectangles and a few quarter-square triangles. Following the shading shown here, you’d need only 4 colours.

This design would be perfect for playing with transparency – combining fabric and colours to create the effect of translucent layers. To see what I mean, check out my Pinterest board Quilts: Transparency.




    • geometriquilt

      Isn’t it? Although sometimes I think that’s what holds me back from shading in my designs — fear of limiting the design by specifying a single ‘look’. In this case though, I loved seeing how the layers dictated the look!


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