Sunday sketch #7

Alternating the orientation of half-rectangle triangles adds some interesting movement.

Geometriquilt: Sunday Sketch #7

In the spirit of transparency, and giving credit to inspiration, I had a look around my Pinterest feed to see what other quilts are similar to this design. I see a resemblance to the Colour Explosion quilt from Bonjour Quilts, the Modern X quilt from Christa Watson, and the Mesa Mini Quilt from Michael Ann Made, among others.

I didn’t derive my pattern from anything else, but it may have been inadvertently inspired by others’ work. Who can tell what ideas floating around my head inform each sketch?





  1. Marla Varner

    There are certainly lots of discussions happening on this topic of late! It seems to me that a person’s process is the important factor. If you created your design while investigating and experimenting with what you could do with half square rectangles, the resulting design is your own. Of course, it is likely that it will have elements in common with other designs that are also made with half square triangles. I’ve had similar experiences after working with HSTs, hourblock units and log cabins. After finishing my compositions, I’ve run across others that have similar elements, but the point is that they were created independently of each other. While our past experiences may subconsciously influence our design decisions, I don’t think work is derivative unless another piece is intentionally used as the starting point. Ultimately, it seems to me that each artist is the only one who can really determine whether their piece is derivative or not, based on their process, not the resulting product.

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    • geometriquilt

      I totally agree, Marla! Unfortunately though there will always be the occasional unscrupulous person who doesn’t care about ripping other people off. But I don’t think the MQG guidelines or any other quilting ‘rules’ will stop them either.


    • geometriquilt

      Hi Katy — I always start with ink, and I hardly ever use pencil (actually I don’t think I’ve ever posted a design that used pencil at all). Occasionally I’ll make a mistake and start over… I have tried to use correction fluid but I don’t like the way it looks! So I’ll just sketch the design again. But that doesn’t happen too often, luckily. I just take my time and stop when my lines are getting wobbly! 🙂


    • geometriquilt

      Actually I’ve just realised there is correction fluid in this sketch! In the bottom quarter of the design, near the middle — you can see I drew a diagonal the wrong way and had to white it out. Oops!


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