Sunday sketch #321

I don’t know how many flower-themed designs I’ve created over the years – I should go back and count! They always make me happy. Here’s another one.

This is a block-based design, set on point. The blocks are made from a single unit, the quarter-circle (or drunkard’s path unit), plus some internal sashing. And the blocks are joined by sashing of the same width.

There are a few different ways to colour the three main elements (sashing/background, flower middle, and flower petals). In the first two versions of this week’s sketch, I’ve coloured the flower middle in the same colour, to provide some consistency across the design.

The petals can be coloured differently across the blocks, but I find that keeping at least one element in the same colour helps to avoid busy-ness.

I often try a two-tone, alternating colour scheme with block-based designs, and this one’s no different. For this design, which has a retro feel, I couldn’t resist my usual pink and red/orange combo.

The design feels even more retro in a standard (rather than on-point) layout.  I like how the secondary shapes (squircles) are more obvious in this version.

This week’s series of sketches could be translated into quilts using lots of a single unit, the quarter-circle, plus some squares and sashing. I love the simplicity of this design, so I’m very tempted to try making one!