Sunday sketch #312

This week’s design is the logical progression from last week’s: the same zig-zagging motif, but without the curves.

It works in the other orientation too.

That second version’s quite busy; I think perhaps a 4 x 6 layout of blocks (rather than the 6 x 8 layout I’ve used here) would be better – that would allow the zig-zaggy design to have impact without being overwhelming. The wide borders help to rest the eye, too.

This design would be easiest to make into a quilt using paper piecing. The internal shapes are not quite half-rectangle triangles, although the block could probably be tweaked to make them proper HRTs, which would then allow you to use standard piecing. Otherwise, each block would require two identical (triangle-shaped) templates. As there are only two colours per block, it would be pretty straightforward to make. It’s a bit reminiscent of Northern Lights, which was based on Sunday sketch #124, though that one was a bit more complicated.