Sunday sketch #305

After three weeks of curves, it’s back to angles and straight lines for this Sunday’s sketch.

Using only the blocks with coloured outlines could make the design feel a bit cluttered, but the consistency of the white centres helps to relieve the busy-ness (a bit).

And, of course, the blocks can be rotated to create star shapes behind that lattice of horizontal and vertical borders.

Paring back the palette helps to focus the eye on the different angles at play – horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines criss-crossing the design.

And to take the design in another direction entirely, I coloured adjacent blocks in a similar way, to create stacked bricks with different internal motifs.

I prefer the first few (brightly coloured) versions, but I like sharing the others in case it sparks a fellow quilter’s creativity!

These designs can be made using half-rectangle triangles, 2:1 rectangles, and longer rectangles or strips for the block’s borders. A very straightforward design that could be made easily into an actual quilt!