Sunday sketch #206

A bit of a palate cleanser this week.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #206-1

I find designs like this one – and this colour palette – very calming.

But I think I shy away from creating minimalist designs because I know that in the real world, they’d need to be quilted eventually… and neither my quilting skills nor my budget to pay a longarmer are good enough right now. So this is definitely an example of how my own sewing skills dictate my designs to some extent (just like how it took me a long time to design anything with curves).

The vast majority of my designs are things that I know I could make myself (if I had the time, could be bothered, etc.). I need to try harder to design things that are beyond my sewing abilities – I need some stretch goals!

Anyway, back to this design. The secondary shapes and lines that emerge – like the hint of two vertical lines created by all those meeting points between quarter-rectangle triangles, as well as those broad diagonal lines slashing back and forth – make me happy.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #206-2

These designs are just quarter-rectangle triangle blocks interspersed with rectangles and then pieced with large borders. It would be relatively easy to make this design pretty much any size you wanted. The hard part would be settling on just two fabrics to work with 🙂

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