Sunday sketch #193

I played around with an idea of picture frames recently – simple strips to outline squares. And then coloured it in a ridiculously bright palette, because that makes me happy.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #193-1

I like the idea of a pattern that has large shapes like this, so you can use feature fabrics without having to cut them up too much. I have a bunch of Erin Michaels’ paint-by-number fabrics stored away that I don’t want to cut into, because I love them so much. (So much!! I have a secret love of paint by numbers. I even have a Pinterest board!) Anyway, one of these days I need to design a pattern where I can use them. It’ll need to be a pattern where I don’t actually have to cut up any fabric hahaha.

I tried a few more sedate colourways for this design, including a blue and yellow one that felt distinctly Swedish.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #193-2    Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #193-3

I realised that it reminded me of IKEA colours… and then the shapes reminded me of IKEA flatpack furniture 🙂

I played around with this concept a bit more, and tried different blocks and arrangements, but nothing jumped out at me as being amazing. Sometimes simpler is better. At least for now.