Sunday sketch #188

As promised, more quarter-square triangles this week.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #188-1

This is obviously a really simple design that keeps half of the quarter-square triangle unit as a solid colour, using three colours per unit instead of four (with one of the colours being white in this version). Then the units are grouped into 3×3 blocks. This combination of colouring and arrangement limits the busy-ness of the QSTs and helps to maintain some continuity between the units and blocks.

The design also works in a more limited palette.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #188-2

This design could be made into an actual quilt using only quarter-square triangles.

When you make QSTs, you make two at a time, and those two are mirror images of one another. If you’re only using two colours, you’d hardly notice, because you simply rotate them and they look the same. But if you’re using more than two colours, it can be a pain if you have a design in which all QSTs need to look the same (because half of them will look like mirror images). In the top design, I’ve accounted for that by using both groups of blocks. For each QST colour combination, there are two blocks; both have the big white triangle at the bottom, but the two colours on top switch sides. I didn’t do that in the bottom design – I just coloured that one quickly, without much thought – but it could be rearranged slightly to make sure that there’s less wastage. Then again, you could always set aside unused blocks and make them into another quilt!

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