Sunday sketch #118

I haven’t had much time or inclination to hand-sketch lately, so I’ve been dipping into EQ8 to create quick designs that I can play around with. I’ve been trying to use more curves in my EQ8 designs, because they’re one of the things I can’t easily hand-draw.

I’ve been playing around with one block in particular, which combines some straight lines and a double curve. You might be able to tell from the design below where each block starts and finishes.


Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #118

I’ve created a completely different design with this same block, which I’m not quite ready to reveal yet. I’m actually going to try making this mystery design using Papper Sax Sten’s 7″ double drunkard’s path template, which I bought awhile back but have been too scared to use 🙂 . In the meantime though, I’ve had fun rotating and flipping the block on EQ8 to see what else I can come up with.

This design could be made into a quilt pattern using double drunkard’s path curves (best made using templates), squares and rectangles.

(I’m not really scared to use Jenny’s template, but I have high hopes for these curves, so I’m procrastinating trying them for the first time. Wish me luck!)