Sunday sketch #70

Whenever I discover a new design idea, I tend to disappear down the rabbit hole of re-invention, playing with the theme over and over again until I feel like I’ve exhausted it. You can see that I’m not done yet with the current theme….

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #70

Like the past few Sunday sketches (#67, #68 and #69), I’ve combined two different groups of a single shape: the black shapes stick to a regimented grid, while the red shapes float around in random locations (as long as they don’t touch each other). The difference this week is that the shapes are smaller and spaced further apart, giving a calmer, slightly less frenetic outcome.

Then again, I tried the same design with squares, and it ended up feeling a little busier:

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #70-2

These designs could be translated into quilt patterns quite easily – using mostly half-square triangles for the first sketch, and all squares for the second.