Quilt pattern: Wildwood

When I started my Sunday sketch series, I always figured I’d eventually develop one or more of the sketches into quilt patterns. But it’s much easier to post a sketch every week, trawl Instagram to see what everyone else is making, and spend ages daydreaming about quilts than it is to put yourself out there with a pattern of your own. It wasn’t until my quilty friend Alyce encouraged me to submit Sunday sketch #9 to a quilt magazine that I replaced all that thinking with some actual doing.

Fast-forward ~6 months, and the design has now been transformed into Wildwood, a quilt pattern published in issue 48 of Love Patchwork & Quilting.

Caroline Hadley

I am a huge fan of Love Patchwork & Quilting‘s vibrant style, contemporary quilts and magazine design (my day job is in editing and publishing, so I care about layout and formatting!), so I’m beyond chuffed to be a part of the latest issue.

LPQ 48

Issue 48 went on sale in the UK on 24 May, which is my dad’s birthday. He died before I started my quilt-making journey, so he never got to see any of my designs or quilts. I like to think that the timing of this issue was his way of saying that he’s celebrating with me 🙂




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