Sunday sketch #42

This design reminds me a little of Sunday sketch #21 : crosses, with perspective*, on a grid, but not quite filling the page. A little like cross-stitch. I like the white eight-pointed star peeking out from between the blocks in the bottom right quadrant.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #42

There are lots of ways to make this design into a quilt… squares on point, using Y-seams (argh!), or lots of little half-square triangles (meaning each ‘X’ would be split into 16 units). But I think the best way would be to make 4 ‘double’ half-square triangles for each ‘X’ block. Make HSTs as normal (i.e. from the dark and light fabrics together, and the two intermediate fabrics together), then add 2 squares of the background fabric to diagonal corners. Sew a line across the small squares, parallel to the first HST seam, and cut off the excess. Ta da! Double HSTs.

* this reminds me of the Graceland graveyard scene in Spinal Tap.

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