Sunday sketch #353

This colour scheme is a bit new for me, but I feel like it works with the retro feel of this week’s sketch. That background colour’s a bit olive-y, a bit chartreuse-y. I like it!

The overall design is very reminiscent of Sunday sketch #306, which I repurposed in a different colourway and layout to make Triangulate. It’s got the elongated diamond shapes, some internal shapes, and an alternating grid of three colours. But there are a few differences: the elongated shapes in this design use half-rectangle triangles rather than half-square triangles, so the angle is a little different. The angle’s also in the opposite direction, so the rows descend down the page from left to right (whereas they go up in Triangulate). And instead of those internal pairs of flying geese, I’ve used circles here.

Here’s a different colourway. I love that bright green with a dark blue and white.

This is a relatively simple design, with only a few elements, but there’s still a lot of movement. The diamonds head downward, whereas the circles lead upwards. Then there are the vertical columns too.

This week’s sketch could be made using circles and 2:1 half-rectangle triangles. I’ve never pieced whole circles within a square before, but I know there are plenty of tutorials online on how to sew inset circles. Of course, the same shape could be made from four quarter-circles, but why deal with extra seams when you don’t have to?

I kept playing with this design, so I’ll share some more iterations in the next few weeks.


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