Sunday sketch #44

A bit of a maze this week…


This design is a mix of ‘corner’ blocks (where the path enters on one side of the block and exits on the adjacent side) and ‘straight’ blocks (where the path crosses the block).

In the 8 x 10 grid above, there are also 6 blank blocks. I actually like the idea of eliminating the blanks and using only the corner and straight blocks. It would take a bit of planning to make sure every square was full and the paths were all coherent (i.e. ending only at the edge of the quilt and not in mid-air), but there are lots of ways you could mix and match these 2 blocks to create different serpentine paths.

The corner blocks are like quarter log cabins – just a square with two edging layers of strips. And the straight blocks are just three strips sewn together – you could sew the strips together in very long pieces and just sub-cut to get the squares.

I knew I’d seen a maze-like quilt pattern before, so I checked my Pinterest feed to see if I could find it. Sure enough, this design is a little like the ‘Twisted‘ pattern by Carolina Patchworks. My design is a little simpler: the paths never branch, loop, or cross over each other.

Sunday sketch #43

I take photos of my sketches with an 8 Mp phone camera. I usually play around with the colours a bit (in Preview or Photoshop), as the phone camera – or the not-so-bright room where I take the photos – tends to make the white Rhodia dot pad look decidedly blue. I never seem to get the white balance quite right, but as these sketches are just a weekly exercise in creativity and commitment, I don’t mind so much.

Today I gave up on getting it right, and decided instead to get it really wrong:

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #43

I kinda like how the electric blue reflects the energy in the design – all straight lines and odd angles. It’s a rare occasion when I stray outside the dots! There are no half-square triangles or rectangles here – it’s all improv*. (Or a very big paper-pieced pattern!)

* For regular readers, it will probably come as no surprise that in the 43 Sunday sketches I’ve posted so far, this is the first time I’ve used the tag ‘improv’.


Sunday sketch #42

This design reminds me a little of Sunday sketch #21 : crosses, with perspective*, on a grid, but not quite filling the page. A little like cross-stitch. I like the white eight-pointed star peeking out from between the blocks in the bottom right quadrant.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #42

There are lots of ways to make this design into a quilt… squares on point, using Y-seams (argh!), or lots of little half-square triangles (meaning each ‘X’ would be split into 16 units). But I think the best way would be to make 4 ‘double’ half-square triangles for each ‘X’ block. Make HSTs as normal (i.e. from the dark and light fabrics together, and the two intermediate fabrics together), then add 2 squares of the background fabric to diagonal corners. Sew a line across the small squares, parallel to the first HST seam, and cut off the excess. Ta da! Double HSTs.

* this reminds me of the Graceland graveyard scene in Spinal Tap.