Sunday sketch #280

Experimenting with a fairly basic block on repeat produced what I’m calling a ‘modern plaid’ this week…

Can you see the individual blocks? This is a 6 x 6 layout, if that helps. Here are the same blocks rotated…

And rotated again and again…

The blocks are coloured using a palette of four colours. This produces lots of variations when the blocks are rotated…parts of adjacent blocks intersect to create new secondary shapes.

I could do the math to tell you how many variations there are, but… let’s just say there are lots.

This week’s designs could be made into quilts using just squares and rectangles. The basic block is a 16-patch made up of four 4-patches. The outer corners are large squares; the inner corners are small squares; and the remaining ‘patches’ are rectangles.

There are so many design variations and colour combinations that you could recreate this design again and again and never make the same quilt twice.

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