Sunday sketch #19

Something a bit different this week. I toyed with this square unit when playing around with half-rectangle triangles awhile back, then finally decided to alternate its orientation and colour to produce a more interesting design.


I realised when shading in this pattern that there are stars (or maybe pinwheels) hidden at the juncture between 4 squares. I coloured the same pattern in a slightly different way to reveal them (I should have used 2 colours with more contrast, but hopefully you get the idea):


Can you see them? The stars/pinwheels in blue point clockwise, whereas the ones in black point counter-clockwise. The white diamonds and triangles then become the whitespace in the pattern, rather than the focal point.

I love how a single quilt pattern can look so different depending on the colour (or fabrics) you use.

I would probably make this pattern using half-rectangle triangles, but you could also do it as elongated (4:1) flying geese (although I don’t think Bloc Loc do a ruler for that!). If you wanted to feature a single piece of fabric in the large diamond shape (i.e. not 4 half-rectangles), you could piece or paper-piece that unit by modifying the square-in-a-square technique.


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