Sunday sketch #355

This week’s sketch is the last in a series of related sketches that started with Sunday sketch #353 (although the first one really started with Sunday sketch #306).

I’ve replaced the horizontally bisected circles with diagonally divided ones. The angle of division isn’t the same as the angle of the tops and bottoms of the elongated diamond shapes (which are formed from half-rectangle triangles), so the resulting grid is diagonal rather than square.

Here it is in a bright palette.

As with the previous weeks’ designs, I think the choice of colour palette is important. I’ve chosen a mix of dark, medium and light values. The design is balanced enough that the placement of colours doesn’t seem to make a huge difference.

Here are 4 of the 5 possible colour combinations of that last version of the design (the only one that’s missing is the pink background with the red and white switched):

I think they all work quite well!

I thought last week’s sketch was my favourite, but the more I look at this one, the more I love it (and I loved it quite a lot to begin with haha). I’m not entirely sure how I’d make those diagonally bisected circles – I guess by making the circle and then just insetting it on the diagonal, making sure to get the points lined up exactly at 45 and 135 degrees in the surrounding square? Then it’d just be a case of chain-piecing a bunch of them. I absolutely love the repetitiveness of designs like this one – the thought of being able to cut out everything beforehand, batch-sew a bunch of similar units, then piece together multiple units of the same type makes me very happy 🙂 I know that would bore the hell out of a lot of quilters, but it’s my happy place.

This week’s sketches are the last in this series of related designs, so there’ll be something new next week. I can’t guarantee I won’t revisit this design in future though!

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