Sunday sketch #288

No, your eyes are not deceiving you – this week’s design features prints! I don’t think I’ve ever designed a Sunday sketch using prints before?! But I couldn’t help it this week.

(I probably should’ve posted this one before Christmas, since it’s kinda a festive palette somehow.)

This design is very much like Sunday sketch #224, but using squircles – squares with rounded off corners – instead of circles, and with the internal lines placed off-centre.

Because the lines within the squircle are off-centre, rotating the blocks changes the size and location of the secondary shapes. In the version above, there’s a big square in the centre, surrounded by rectangles and four smaller squares. In the version below, the small square’s in the middle, and the rectangles and four big squares surround it.

Of course, the design also works in solids, too.

The easiest way to make this design into an actual quilt would probably be to combine quarter-circle units with squares and rectangles as necessary. But that would mean three of the four parts of each squircle were made up of multiple pieces of fabric – so you’d get seams between pieces of the same fabric. That’s fine for solids, but not for plaids (which I’ve used in the top version). So I think I’d create templates for those pieces, so you could add a rounded corner to each one. I’m not entirely sure how I’d do that (I don’t think it’d be quite as easy as you might first imagine), so it might be worth me playing around with sometime. I do have some plaids that I need to use up, so this might be the design for them!



  1. Denise Shearer

    Mmmmm – elegant 😘. And you could use Bettycrockerass’- make it curvy templates to create the squircles. Yours truly has a set! Thanks for you delightful creative prompts.

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    • geometriquilt

      Thanks so much, Denise! I have curvy templates but I’m not sure they’d work quite as well when the curve only covers part of a larger piece…I think weird things might happen to the fabric pieces where the curved seam ends. Hard to describe what I mean — I’ll need to try it and take pics!


  2. Kat Scott

    Amazing possibilities… with solids you could construct the rounded square from a single color, then slice into sections, mix up the colors and sew back together. Actually don’t know why that wouldn’t work with the plaids as well. Will have to go give it a try!

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    • geometriquilt

      Hmm, not sure I get what you mean, but try it and show me! 🙂 With solids, it’d be easy enough to just make quarter-circles then piece them together (with squares if necessary) to make the larger shapes. But that would be harder to do with plaids – the pattern-matching would annoy me! I really need to try this myself to see if I’m over-complicating things….