Sunday sketch #214

For some reason, I took the notion to design a banana block. Yep – a block with two sets of curves that, together, basically resemble a banana. So I did that, but then mixed the blocks up so the bananas were facing different directions, and then coloured the design in such a way that the bananas aren’t so obvious anymore.


Now they look a bit like stacked coins, or maybe eyes peeking out. I originally coloured the design in yellows and oranges (and even brown! I don’t think I’ve ever used brown before). I couldn’t decide which one I preferred, so here’s both.


The original block featured two bananas, either facing one direction, back to back, or together to create a circle. I mixed them up in a 6 x 6 grid, and coloured the bananas differently in each block – one in that rich orange with a pale pink inner curve, and the other vice versa.


Then I decided to try single bananas, facing this way and that. I think I prefer this version; it’s less busy. Who needs that many bananas?!


Two things about me and bananas:

  1. I developed an intolerance to bananas in my late teens, after a lifetime of LOVING them. Now I can’t eat uncooked bananas… they make me really sick. Thankfully cooked banana (i.e. banana bread!) is OK. Phew!
  2. Whenever I say ‘banana’, I pretty much always have to say ‘this shit is bananas’ and then sing ‘B-A-N-A-N-A-S‘ from Hollaback Girl. Either in my head or out loud. Usually out loud. 🙂

This design would probably need templates to get the curves just right for making a quilt. I’m not sure I need to make a banana quilt right now, but it’s always good to have options!