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In Conversation

‘In Conversation’ is an exhibition planned by Tara Glastonbury (@stitchandyarn) for later this year in Australia.

I’m one of six Australian quilters that Tara has invited to engage in a quilt dialogue with an international quilter of our choice.

You can also join in this conversation by entering a mini quilt on this theme for consideration. There is room for approx. 20 minis, so check out the supporter site to find out more.


The Paperdrop quilt pattern

Paperdrop is a collaboration between me and Latifah Saafir. You can buy the quilt pattern in PDF and print format from Latifah Saafir Studios.

The pattern requires The HuRTy™, Latifah’s new ruler for making half-rectangle triangles.

You can read more about the quilt and our collaboration.

Thanks for supporting our work!




Sunday sketches

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